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Wheel alignment Tonganoxie KS

Wheel alignment, service and inspections by ASE certified master mechanics at L&D Auto Specialists near Tonganoxie KS

Aligning your wheels ensures your tires are angled correctly - parallel to one another, parallel to the ground, and pointing straight ahead - so they maintain straight-line tracking. A proper alignment angle can help you make the most of the life of your tires. You will also be able to drive your car more comfortably. The alignment of wheels and tires is arguably the most important part of their maintenance. A wheel's alignment is determined by three angles: toe, caster, and camber. Toe refers to the distance between the wheels. Tires should be parallel and equally spaced. Caster, or the angle at which the wheels pivot, allows the wheels to roll along with the steering wheel. A wheel's camber is a measurement that indicates the angle at which it should be perpendicular to the ground. In order to extend the life of your tires, four-wheel alignments are essential, as misaligned tires will cause the tires to perform poorly and fade unevenly.

Why should you have four-wheel alignment services performed at L&D Auto Specialists?

Misaligned wheels can pose difficulty with vehicle handling. In most cases, a four-wheel alignment is the best choice, particularly if you have front-wheel drive. Wheels may become misaligned through car accidents or hitting potholes or curbs. It's easy to pick up on signs that indicate it's time for an alignment. An alignment is in order if your car pulls strongly to one side. An abnormal tire wear pattern is another sign. Properly aligned wheels save fuel because they roll more smoothly. Your tires will also last longer if your wheels are aligned properly. Contact us today to get a four-wheel alignment.

Common wheel misalignment symptoms

A vehicle's wheels may become misaligned if hit hard by an obstacle in the road or a pothole. Symptoms of needing realignment may arise due to worn and shifting parts in the wheel assembly and suspension. Proper alignment of the vehicle will improve its efficiency. An alignment could save your life if you have to make a quick turn or dodge something on the road. Here are some symptoms of a bad alignment:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side: if the vehicle is driving straight and it pulls to the side, then the wheels need to be aligned. The further it pulls from a straight line, the worse its alignment is. Should you fail to address the problem, it will become increasingly difficult to drive straight, and you may even end up crossing over into another lane on the road. Whenever your car has this problem, you should take it to an auto mechanic and get an alignment done right away.
  • Uneven steering wheel: the steering wheel of the vehicle should remain straight and perfectly centered whenever you are traveling down a completely flat and straight road. Check this by looking at your steering wheel emblem. The steering wheel is centered if the emblem remains level while driving straight. However, if the emblem tips a couple of degrees off level in any direction, then the steering wheel is uneven, and it is necessary to have the wheels aligned right away. With the steering wheel aligned, the vehicle will be much easier to control.
  • Loose steering: loose steering wheels can be really dangerous since they can slow steering response time. This problem is usually due to misaligned wheels, so you should always consult a mechanic about the issue.
  • Steering wheel vibrates: unbalanced or misaligned tires are likely to cause a steering wheel that shakes while in motion. However, a wheel vibration may also signal a worse problem. It is best to consult a technician to figure out the cause of the vibration.
  • Uneven tire wear: your tires may be misaligned if you notice that a particular tire's tread wears out faster than others. The best way to find out tread depth on both sides of tires is to use a tread depth meter. Correctly aligned wheels will have the same level of rubber depth on the tires.
  • Tires that squeal: misaligned tires start squealing because of uneven wear as they accelerate and turn. If you notice squealing the vehicle may also have worn brake pads, so have those inspected.

Types of wheel alignment checks near Tonganoxie KS performed by L&D Auto Specialists

We perform the following types of wheel alignment checks at our auto repair shop:

  • Camber: the camber angle reflects the angle of the wheels seen straight on. A wheel with a positive camber leans away from the car.
  • Toe: toe refers to the distance between the front and back of the wheel. Whenever the front of a wheel points directly into the body of the car, it is called a positive toe. When the front of the wheel points out from the car's center, it is said to be toe out, or negative toe. The alignment can be adjusted on all cars.
  • Caster: a wheel's caster measures how much a wheel rotates when viewed straight-on from the side of the car. There are two points in the pivot, one upper and one lower, which connect it to the wheel. The upper and lower point should be stacked on top of the other. Positive caster means the upper point is leaning toward the back of the car. The caster is negative with the upper point leaning toward the car's front

Why is a wheel alignment necessary near Tonganoxie KS?

Many key benefits are provided by an alignment, but the most crucial and obvious ones are:

  • Reduced tire wear: proper alignment prevents excessive tire wear. An aligned vehicle can increase tire life by thousands of miles over the years.
  • Better gas mileage: as rolling resistance is reduced, gas mileage increases. A properly aligned and properly inflated wheel minimizes rolling resistance.
  • Improved handling: does your car pull to one side? Do you feel like your steering wheel is off center while driving straight ahead? Are you constantly steering your car to keep it straight ahead? Wheel alignment can be used to fix many handling problems. Road shocks are more efficiently absorbed with all system components aligned properly, resulting in a more comfortable ride.
  • Safer driving: the alignment process includes an inspection of the suspension system. We can identify worn parts before they cause a costly problem.

L&D Auto Specialists offers wheel alignment, just call us to make an appointment

How often should you get a wheel alignment by L&D Auto Specialists near Tonganoxie KS?

Most manufacturers recommend getting your wheels aligned once a year or every 10,000 - 20,000 miles. Hence, it's a good idea to have your tires aligned in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended service interval that most closely matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits. It is generally recommended to perform wheel alignment inspections when:

  • If your tires are wearing unevenly or squeal on turn
  • After purchasing a set of new tires
  • If your steering feels unstable or you feel a vibration
  • After a collision, accident, or hitting a large pothole
  • If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side when driving
  • When replacing suspension or steering parts

What does a wheel alignment service near Tonganoxie KS include at L&D Auto Specialists?

L&D Auto Specialists provides all-wheel, front-wheel and four-wheel alignment services. An alignment service includes the following:

  • A check to ensure your steering wheel is centered
  • Checking tire wear, condition and air pressure (rotating as needed)
  • An inspection to identify steering and suspension issues
  • A check of your suspension for signs of wear
  • Adjustments to toe, camber or caster angles if necessary

How long does a wheel alignment near Tonganoxie KS take at L&D Auto Specialists?

The alignment of a two-wheel vehicle takes about one hour on average, not including time spent waiting. If any components other than the steering bushing, suspension or suspension bushings are damaged or showing too much play, it could take longer since various components may need to be replaced.

You should check the alignment of your car frequently, especially after an accident and after an impact to the wheel, for example hit a pothole or bump. For more information about our car alignment services, please contact our ASE Certified Technicians at L&D Auto Specialists.

How much does it cost for an alignment?

A single alignment only checks one set of wheels. Most auto repair shops charge between $50 and $100 for this service. A full alignment checks both sets of wheels. Most shops will charge around $150-200 for this service. However, this isn't the same for all wheel alignments. If a car is highly complicated or requires special equipment, a mechanic may have to charge more.

Get your wheel alignment service today at L&D Auto Specialists near Tonganoxie KS and prolong the lifetime of your car

If it's been more than 6 months or 6,000 miles since your last alignment check, it may be about time for L&D Auto Specialists to perform a wheel alignment. Visit us to have our ASE-certified mechanics provide you with proper wheel alignment.

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Tonganoxie KS

Tonganoxie is a city in Leavenworth County, Kansas and is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area within the United States. As of 2010, its population was 4,996, approximately double the population recorded in the 2000 census.

Tonganoxie was platted in 1866. It was named for a local Native American Chief from the Delaware Tribe whose name means "shorty" in the Delaware language. Tonganoxie was incorporated as a city in the late 1870s.

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