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About Olathe, Kansas

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Olathe is the county seat of Johnson County, Kansas, United States. It is the fourth-most populous city in the Kansas City metropolitan area and Kansas, with a 2010 population of 125,872. By 2019, the Census Bureau estimated Olathe's population had grown to 140,545.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 60.42 square miles (156.49 km2) of which 59.66 square miles (154.52 km2) are land and 0.76 square miles (1.97 km2) is covered by water. Olathe has two public lakes: Lake Olathe with 172 acres (0.70 km2) of water surface and Cedar Lake with 45 acres (0.18 km2).

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Certified transmission repair in Olathe at L&D Auto Specialists

Transmission repair starts with correctly diagnosing the source of the problem. In transmission repair, rather than removing the entire transmission and replacing it, only a small portion of it is fixed or replaced. Sometimes partial repairs are preferable to complete overhauls, such as when fixing a leak or replacing a single broken component.

Failure of automatic transmissions is caused primarily by lack of proper maintenance. Having your automatic transmission serviced at L&D Auto Specialists ensures peak performance and longer service life. If it fails, a complete replacement will be required. However, a replacement means a large investment. When choosing a shop, choose one that provides quality parts, has warranty coverage, and has skilled mechanics. L&D Auto Specialists uses only high-quality parts from OEM manufacturers and is an ASE certified transmission shop. You should trust your vehicle to a high quality, professional shop like L&D Auto Specialists.

Automatic transmission problems

Pay attention to the following symptoms of transmission problems rather than ignoring them or waiting for them to go away. Taking care of these issues can save you a lot of hassle and money. It is generally more expensive to fix an automatic transmission than a car's engine. This is because transmissions are complex mechanical and computerized systems.

  • Smells like its burning

  • Check engine light is on

  • Grinding or shaking sensation in gear

  • Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid

  • Car won't engage or respond when in gear

  • Gears Slipping

  • Makes Noises: whining, humming or clunking, noisy in neutral

Lots of transmission problems begin small. When these symptoms are ignored, it often results in extremely expensive repairs. In case you experience any of these automatic transmission problems in Olathe, please give us a call or bring your car to L&D Auto Specialists to get our opinion.

Transmission diagnostics in Olathe at L&D Auto Specialists

Before we start any repairs on your car, we perform comprehensive transmission diagnostic tests that identify the true cause of the problem. Our method is as follows:

  • The transmission diagnostic procedure always starts by listening to your description of the problem. Let us know about any transmission noise or performance problems you experience in as much detail as possible.

  • The proper condition of your transmission relies on transmission fluid. The transmission fluid level will be checked to make sure that it hasn't been damaged by overheating. If applicable, we will also check the fluid levels in your differential and transfer case.

  • The next step involves taking your car on the road, so we can replicate the problem you report and to check for any other faults contributing to the problem.

  • Before we remove the transmission from your car and open the case we make sure it's the cause of the problem. The entire car is examined for diagnostic codes, and we check everything from loose cables to broken mounts to degraded engine performance so we find the correct issue.

  • A specialized scanner is used by our mechanics to scan all critical computer systems of your vehicle for trouble codes.

  • If necessary, transmission repairs will be recommended once we identify the issue. The repairs we provide are reasonably-priced with a nationwide warranty, but you are free to get a second opinion if you wish.

Transmission fluid change service in Olathe at L&D Auto Specialists

It is proven that transmission service helps to extend the longevity of transmissions as well as improve their performance. The transmission is the most complex and essential component of an automobile's engine. It transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Its function is crucial to the engine, so timely repair is a necessity. The transmission will break down if you neglect to service it for long enough. You will have to find a reputable transmission shop near you to fix or replace it.

Following the manufacturer's recommendation for the make and model of your car will help you determine how often you should replace your transmission fluid. The interval varies depending on the make and model. When you get your oil changed, we recommend that you get your transmission fluid checked as well since you may not be aware of a low fluid level. Any time you notice a leak, make sure the transmission fluid is checked accordingly.

Manual transmission service in Olathe at L&D Auto Specialists

A manual transmission may not be as complex as an automatic, but it is just as crucial to properly maintain it. Even though standard transmissions are not hydraulic systems, they require fluid to keep internal system components lubricated, clean, and protected. In manual transmission fluids, specialized detergents, lubricants, and anti-corrosive additives wear out with normal use. During service, old, worn fluid is extracted and replaced with fresh fluid which effectively cleans and protects the moving components. Fluid filters are not installed in standard transmission. It is important to follow manufacturer recommendations for different kinds of transmission fluid. By doing this, you will reduce getting your manual transmission repaired for lack of maintenance.

Service recommendations in Olathe:

Some common problems can be avoided by having your fluids changed regularly and having your transmission inspected at recommended intervals by a certified ASE mechanic. It is important to follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule when maintaining different makes and models of cars and trucks. Consult your owner's manual or ask a L&D Auto Specialists mechanic for this information.

Schedules for fluid change:

Typically, transmission fluid needs to be changed every 2 years or 24,000 miles. If your fluid becomes contaminated, discolored, or low, you may need to drain and replace it more often. A contaminated transmission fluid can make shifting and slipping difficult, and cause the transmission to overheat.

Keep in mind that the fluid's life shortens at very high temperatures (greater than 175 degrees Fahrenheit). The transmission can experience higher internal temperatures when subjected to harsh driving conditions such as rough terrain, hauling heavy cargo, or driving in inclement weather, all which causes the fluid to deteriorate more rapidly. Fluid checks and possible replacements should be carried out more frequently under such conditions. Feel free to reach out to one of our ASE certified transmission mechanics if you have questions about the appropriate service schedule for your particular vehicle and driving habits. We are always happy to help.

Get your transmission serviced today at L&D Auto Specialists in Olathe and prolong the lifetime of your car

We stand behind our workmanship with the most comprehensive warranty in the automotive industry. This type of repair can be a very big expense, and we understand it to be a major decision. Since we have long-standing relationships with parts suppliers, we can quickly get the correct components at a reasonable price. All parts we use are high quality and guaranteed to withstand the test of time; you can rely on us for a lasting, durable investment.

The goal of our company is to create lasting relationships with our customers. By offering the best possible customer service and integrity, we aim to earn the trust of you and your family. We are happy to provide our service customers with a full explanation of the needed repairs, so they do not have to be experts to comprehend. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will help you make the best decision regarding your vehicle's transmission repair or replacement. Any decisions regarding your vehicle are always discussed with you before beginning repairs.

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