Tire Alignment | Wheel Alignment in Olathe

Imagine it’s an early morning and you’re in a rush to get to work. You’re glad that it finally stopped raining after last night’s heavy thunderstorm. You rush through traffic and “bang”… you accidentally hit a large pothole. You continue driving to work but as you turn into the parking space at work you notice your car is pulling to the left. At this point you realize your car just got misaligned on your way to work.

Signs that your car is misaligned

  • Your car pulls either to the right or to the left when driving it
  • uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel is not centered when driving straight
  • Tires make squealing sound and even cause the steering wheel to vibrate

It is impossible to keep your car aligned 100% of the time. However, regular wheel alignment and rotation of the tires can mitigate major issues.

Why do Regular Car Alignments?

  • Wheel Alignment help in the longevity of your tires by minimizing the wear and tear
  • Misaligned vehicles waste gasoline due to the car making an effort in trying to keep straight.
  • Reduce vibration in the steering wheel

Try to keep the air pressure in your tires according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer. When your tires are uneven that can misalign the car or cause tear on the sides of your tires which will eventually render them useless.

If you suspect your tires need alignment, bring your car to our repair shop as soon as possible. New tires can cost upwards of $200 per tire so getting it fixed is important.


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