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Driveshaft repair Olathe KS

Driveshaft service, repair, rebuild, and customization in Olathe KS by L&D Auto Specialists

Need to repair, rebuild, or customize a driveshaft? Looking for a reliable transmission shop in Olathe KS?

A driveshaft shop is not the same as an auto repair shop. A true driveshaft repair shop is getting harder and harder to find these days. Driveshaft shops, for example, require a completely different level of equipment, tools and expertise. L&D Auto Specialists in Olathe KS is a driveshaft expert that offers the best of both worlds.

Driveshaft repair shop serving in Olathe KS

Our driveshaft mechanics and equipment provide the following services: custom, high performance, original equipment O.E.M., steel and aluminum driveshafts, driveshaft repair, rebuild and restoration. All makes and models, domestic and foreign, daily drivers, performance vehicles, and heavy duty driveshafts A-Z are serviced. Our team really has you covered for everything from a damaged yoke, balance, and parts to a vibration diagnosis and repair.

Is your 4x4, 4wd, off-road, racing, 1 ton, 18 wheeler, dump truck, show car, heavy duty truck, or child transporter in need of driveshaft repair? The first thing to remember is that our team can handle all of your driveshaft service needs. Plus, for a variety of reasons, our driveshaft shop and team of experts have been serving Olathe and beyond for over 10 years. How can we help you?

When it comes to driveshaft problems, there are a variety of symptoms that can indicate that the health of your vehicle's driveshaft is at risk. For example, vibrations, sounds, turning problems and/or play in your universal joints.

Do you think your driveshaft is exhibiting any of the following symptoms? If so, we've got you covered. Bring it in and I'll take a look at it.

Driveshaft Rebuilds in Olathe KS

  • Agricultural driveshafts
  • light, medium, heavy duty
  • Industrial driveshafts
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Race applications
  • Custom driveshafts
  • Domestic and International

Unless otherwise specified or required, we use premium quality components manufactured for our driveshaft rebuild service. We provide high strength, Original Equipment (OE) replacement or even better-than-original custom driveshafts near me. Have a question, how can we help you?

Most common driveshaft problems

  • Noise - Driveshaft problems can cause vehicles to make noises. In some cases, a low squeal that gets louder as speed increases. When traveling at high speeds, the sound may disappear completely and then reappear when the vehicle decelerates. This is usually caused by a badly worn or damaged U-joint.
  • Vibration - When a driveshaft is damaged, the vehicle may vibrate. Sometimes the entire vehicle or parts of the vehicle, especially in the floor area, are damaged. At higher speeds, vibration often intensifies and worsens. Vibrations caused by tire problems usually occur during acceleration, while vibrations caused by driveshaft problems occur when the vehicle is moving or stationary.
  • Turning issue. In some cases, a driveshaft problem can prevent your vehicle's wheels from turning properly. When turning a corner, you may notice the wheels shaking. When making sharp turns or even U-turns, you may notice tire resistance. You may even notice problems when parking. Bring it in and we'll give you a free test drive.
  • Universal joint play - The U-joint, also known as a universal joint, wears out over time. On the negative side, when it wears out, the shoe will develop play, begin to bind, and eventually stop rotating properly. This problem has the potential to cause all three of the above problems. In most cases, the U-joints can be replaced. The most common cause of driveshaft failure is defective universal joints. However, our team of transmission mechanics, also known as experts, has your back.

What kind of vehicle are you building? Maybe a hot rod? Or how about a race car? How about a rock vehicle? Maybe a mud/repair truck? Do you have a classic restoration project in your garage? Maybe you could shorten or lengthen your vehicle's chassis? Whether you're converting a Ford 9" rear end to a Chevrolet Turbo 400 transmission or just need an axle to fit your lifted 4x4 monster? L&D Auto Specialists is here to help.

Vehicles serviced

Because of our strong partnerships with local parts suppliers, we can deliver top-quality parts for any make or model very fast. In many cases, we can complete auto and body repairs the same day! All of our technicians/mechanics are experienced on both domestic and imported vehicles, including:

Foreign cars:

Import european cars:

  • BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Fiat, VolksWagen (VW), Volvo, Mini Cooper, Saab, SmartCar, Porsche, Masterati, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Range Rover, Lotus

Japanese and asian cars:

  • Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Subaru, and Kia.

Domestic cars:

  • Ford: Lincoln, Mercury, Continental.
  • General Motors: Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Hummer.
  • Chrysler: Jeep, Dodge, Plymouth, and Ram Trucks.

About Olathe KS

Olathe KS

Olathe is the county seat of Johnson County, Kansas, United States. It is the fourth-most populous city in the Kansas City metropolitan area and Kansas, with a 2010 population of 125,872. By 2019, the Census Bureau estimated Olathe's population had grown to 140,545.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 60.42 square miles (156.49 km2) of which 59.66 square miles (154.52 km2) are land and 0.76 square miles (1.97 km2) is covered by water. Olathe has two public lakes: Lake Olathe with 172 acres (0.70 km2) of water surface and Cedar Lake with 45 acres (0.18 km2).

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barry t

I would recommend L&D strongly. Excellent service and quality work at a fair price

I would recommend L&D strongly. Excellent service and quality work at a fair price. What else can you ask for? I won't go anywhere else

Barry T.

carrie roberts

you would never be able to tell any body work was needed! It is so nice to have found a place I can trust

I have had my car for 6 years and needed some minor body work. I also wanted a “detail” done to make my car feel new again. This was my first time working with this business. The work was done quickly and at a great price and my car has NEVER been this clean!! It’s beautiful —you would never be able to tell any body work was needed! It is so nice to have found a place I can trust to meet (actually exceed) my needs!! Highly recommend!!!

Carrie Roberts

sarah smiley

They took the time to properly assess the damage, and gave me options.

I was referred to L & D Auto by a friend of mine. I drive a BMW & was not aware of the faulty timing chain for 2012-2014 X3 models. When it broke, it caused significant damage. Baron BMW "assessed" the damage & told me I needed a complete new engine for 13K! I immediately had it towed to L & D. They took the time to properly assess the damage, and gave me options. Although it was still a costly repair, it was nothing like what Baron quoted me

Sarah Smiley

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