Brake Service in Olathe

Brakes are the most important part of your car when it comes to safety. Asking our auto repair shop of Olathe to perform an inspection of your brakes can be difference between life and death. If your brakes make squealing sounds when trying to stop or you notice your car is not stopping as usual, bring your car in immediately. Some people ignore early signs of brake malfunction and then, it’s too late when the collide with another vehicle.

Warning Signs of Brake Problems

  • You step on the brakes all the way down to the floor and sometimes the car doesn’t stop quickly.
  • You hear a grinding noise when braking. This could possibly be that the brake pad is exposed and grinding against the rotor. If the rotor gets damaged you’re looking at expensive repairs.Whenever you bring your car for service, ask one of our mechanics to check the lifetime of the brake pads. We’ll give you a rough estimate of how long you got before it’s time for replacement.
  • Your steering wheel vibrates when you apply the brakes. This could mean that there is misalignment between the pad and the rotor

However, these are just some signs. There are others and to correctly diagnose your car you must bring it in for an inspection to our shop in Olathe.

Why is my Brake Light On?

The reasons why this light comes on are a few.

  • Your emergency hand brake is engaged. Disengage it and the light will turn off.
  • The brake system has lost some brake pressure. Check for leaks under your car. You may have to use your emergency brakes to drive the car to our auto repair shop. You have to act immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions
Bmw dealer or independent shop for oil change rear brake service?

Do it yourself, find a car-savvy friend and research online. It's how I fixed my regulator.

Cost for brake pad service 2013 forester?

I couldn't say, but brake pads are probably one of the easiest pieces of maintenance there is. Obviously if you don't have the tools or the space it's a problem, but it's a pretty simple job if you don't mind being a little dirty.

If you're interested you won't need any special tools, with the exception of the one for pushing the pistons on the calipers back in. Most part places will loan/rent the tool out. Aside from that, a half-decent socket set is all you would need to have beyond what comes with the car. (you should have a jack and lug-wrench in the car already)

If it's something you think you might be interested in the squeal is likely from the squeal bar, a thin piece of metal designed to make that sound to alert you to an issue before you actually run out of material on the pads, so if can wait a short time if you want to do some research to see if you can do it yourself.

How much should brake pad rotor service cost?

Why does it need new calipers? That's not normal.

Also it depends what you mean by fair. Brake Jobs are overpriced IMO, Pads for 2 wheels are like $30-40 and Rotors are $60-70 for 2.

So the parts are around $100, and you're paying $600 for a 1-2 hour job. Just saying.

But if everyone pays $700, I suppose it's "Fair"

2014 gmc 1500 service trailer brake system?

Might see if one of the truck subreddits knows more on the subject.

2014 hyundai veloster brake service?

Your car seems really new to need something like that. It seems what your describing is the ABS (antilock brake system) engaging. I dont know the extent of the rumbling, but it sounds like what my truck does when I hit the pedal too hard.


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